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Welcome to PUBG CHINA HACKS - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Hacks

Welcome to PUBGCNHACKS where you can find the best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hacks in the market - Join our new website chat and discord please. For any question pm DanK xD


Is very important to register an account to our website so you can use our shop/store to purchase PUBG Hacks.

How to buy PUBG HACK from our store. It's very easy!

1. Purchase a key from our PUBG Cheats store here -> .

2. It will be delivered to "Store --> Manage Purchases --> Manage"

3. You can download the cheat you have bought under "Browse / Downloads" here -> .

If you cannot access discord. Simply use rocket chat, this forum or website chat to have access to the latest downloads/updates. If you wish to talk to the other people about issues/problems regarding your cheat pubg, feel free to join our new community chat -> .


We only try to bring the best undetected pubg cheats in the market, most of our pubg aimbot hacks also contain pubg esp hack and many other functions. 

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    • DanK

      New Discord (Other discord banned). If you got kicked then it means that the discord got banned   05/08/2018

      New Discord (Other discord banned already for some reason). If you got kicked then it means that the discord got banned. Join this new discord instead. Will keep it simple because take too much time to remake all that channels/roles/messages. From now on discord will be used as a means to pm me for support, not a public chat since selling pubg hacks on discord is not allowed . Join our new community: (Takes 5 seconds max to register an account). For support/issues, pm DanK here:
    • DanK

      Smert added flying car option. You can now fly with cars across the map at high speed   06/07/2018

      Smert added flying car option. You can now fly with cars across the map at high speed. Safe to use
    • DanK

      Moduska have been released.   06/18/2018

      While mostly all cheats goes detected left and right. We decide to release Moduska in our stores (never detected, and very affordable prices. Always quickly updated)   Moduska 1 week / 1 month  / lifetime can be found in our stores here:   Moduska can be downloaded here:   Moduska   18€ 1 week / 36€ 1 month / 96€ Life Time Video: Featuring exclusively on, our Moduska Mod offers constantly updated features. This Mod is compatible with all our other cheats. Readme.txt will be found inside the folder (Please read it so you can understand how to setup the cheat, is very easy actually).   Once you subscribe, you will receive access to the Mod for the time purchased under Store --> Manage Purchases, Manage . You can activate it "whenever" you want (maybe not till 2020).     Features (if you use optimizations features, it will also increase your FPS alot):   - Humanized NoRecoil [its really invisible to spectators, while providing almost 0 recoil ingame] - 100% NoRecoil [enjoy] - InstantHit on 1000 meters   - Discolour (Color Players and Armor) - Sound optimization (only hear footsteps etc., no background noise) - Disable Flashsmoke - Through Wall (Car can drive through walls, Boat underground) - Nightmode (Make it black, basically) - Superhit (enemy cannot move, after being hit, risk feature) - Deathbox (Color Deathboxes) - Remove house (walk through all houses, dont see them, risk feature)   - Mosaic floor (draw the floor flat and nice and white) - Snowmap (draws everything nice and clean, check pic under) - Remove Toilets / Windows.  - Full map mosaic (draw everything, car houses.. mosaic) - Remove trees (risk) - Remove stones (risk)   10 Shots sprayed with AKM on 100% NoRecoil:

Moduska (ONLINE)


18 /7 Days

  • Hack StatusUndetected
  • No Recoil Humanized + No Recoil 100%
  • Remove Trees, Rocks or Houses
  • Super Hit (Enemy Frozen After Hit)
  • Hide Smoke / No Clip
  • Cheat TypeInternal