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WARNING: We have already fixed our website database. However if you wish to buy XYZ- 24 Hours without making an account on website and just want instant delivery to your email then visit this link (Auto delivery both key and loader to your inbox/email. The delivery takes 10-120 seconds. If by any chance the delivery is being delayed just contact me on discord for support " DanK#5399 " (Might wanna wait until i add you back. Sometime need few hours for me to accept you) CLICK HERE TO BUY VIA ROCKETR -> https://rocketr.net/buy/eb47cdc93a23 Buy 1 key access for 24 hours access to XYZ Rage. Make sure you contact DanK on discord / skype / forum or website chat if you have problem.   Old Official XYZ Video: https://streamable.com/yx2i9 XYZ Bullet Tracking Demonstration: https://vimeo.com/292640055 XYZ Ghost Mode & Speed & Other:  XYZ Tutorial Video (How to run/use): https://streamable.com/ng2lb PS: Magic bullet from the video don't exist anymore however bullet tracking is similar (except you can't hit thro the walls)     XYZ is the only cheat with safe bullet tracking in the market (The weird thing is. Bullet Tracking feature is now safer than Aimbot in cheats now days. If you do low kills with the bullet tracking you won't get banned)       Main XYZ Features: • Player ESP ( Includes Player Skeleton, Player Name, Player HP, Player Distance, Visibility Check where Color of ESP will change to red when you can hit the target and red when you can not hit the target). Item and Vehicle ESP included • Aimbot with raging features including 3 types of Bullet Tracking, Bullet, No Recoil and No Spread. The cheat does not have aimbot but bullet tracking does a much better job and is safer than aimbot now days as PUBG started doing heavy flags on any sort of aimbot movement. • Aimbot Bullet Tracking F8 = Hit any target within any distance instantly with 100% accuracy (In order to avoid ban make sure you spray bullets to the ground and set the aimbot to chest). There are 3 types of bullet tracking F8,F9 and F10, see which suits you better. • Instant Heal with medkits,bandages (it takes 0,1 seconds to heal) INSERT key • Ghost Mode (Walk through buildings / any obstacle by holding Caps Lock) • Speed Hack (Increased your crouching/running speed 2x). • 2D Minimap Radar (Display all enemys locations on the radar) • Internal Cheat. Very smooth esp and extremely accurate bullet tracking (always hits the target), Works Full-Screen   Hotkeys: - F1 : Enemy ESP & Minimap ESP
- F2 : Enemy Information
- F3 : BOX ESP & Skeleton ESP
- F4 : Item ESP
#Ctrl+F1 display accessories, | Ctrl+F2 display guns | Ctrl+F3 display throws | Ctrl+F4 display medicines | Ctrl+F5 display armor | Ctrl+F6 display loot vox Ctrl + F7 Airdrop ESP
- F5 : VehicleESP
- F6 : No recoil
- F7 : No bullet spread
- F8 : Bullet Tracking(realistic trajectory, Best feature for Spectators)
- F9 : Instant hit with Aim (one shot one kill within 1000m)
- INS : Instant Heal (use in car without interruption)
- Del Level 4 helmet (Frying pan will be placed on your head)
- End : movement acceleration (It increases moving speed)
- Ctrl+~ : Fight mode (disable all  Item & vehicle ESP instantly)
- Hold CapsLock : Walk through the wall
- Hold SHIFT : Aim on Head   IF you get this error, then do this:   In order to fix this error upon launching the XYZ loader, simply set your Date and Time to (UTC+ 08:00) Beijing and it will be fixed. Just like this   Hints to avoid getting banned: 1.dont kill more than 3-5 if new pubg ID (Recommended to stay between 3-5 kills per match)
2.dont kill more than 12 players on a old ID/Steam account
3.dont get too many kills too frequently(30 seconds)
4.try aim chest, dont shot head at all   XYZ Screenshoots