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Yes we have pubg mobile & tencent gaming buddy emulator cheats as well. Just ask me in discord or website.

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Welcome to PUBG CHINA HACKS - Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Hacks


Because people don't want to spend 1 minute of their time reading this wall of text is the reason they don't know how to buy pubg cheats or what to do, however after reading everything and still confused, you can always ask me any question.


Welcome to PUBGCNHACKS where you can find the best PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hacks in the market - Join our new website and send a friend request to DanK in discord please. For any question pm DanK xD in forum (by sending a pm message) or send a friend request.

Free Trials for our pubg cheats are available but it depends by the cheat you are looking for. Our personal cheat Hera & Ray Hook has trials and you can request one free trial before ordering from our website. This way you test and become assured that we are legit and provide working pubg hack . We do not use public discord anymore because of competitors reporting our discord everyday along with the spammers who try to scam our customers. For any question or support don't forget to PM DanK#5399 in Discord. Register an account in our website in order to get rid of this long introduction message for guests :) .


Is very important to register an account to our website so you can use our shop/store to purchase PUBG Cheats .

How to buy PUBG HACK & PAKS from our store. It's very easy!

1. Purchase a key from our PUBG Cheats store here -> .

2. It will be delivered to "Store --> Manage Purchases --> Manage"

3. You can download the cheat you have bought under "Browse / Downloads" here -> .

If you cannot access discord. Simply use rocket chat, this forum or website chat to have access to the latest downloads/updates. If you wish to talk to the other people about issues/problems regarding your cheat pubg, then contact DanK in discord. Click on the Store link: in order to purchase our cheats and head over our store. Default payment is Paypal and Bitcoin and you can purchase automatically. 


pubg hacks



We only try to bring the best undetected pubg cheats in the market, All these skills contain basic features such as ESP and aimbot. Including many other functions such as bullet tracking which tracks down all enemy movements and your bullets will follow the enemy until he is getting hit no matter what. XYZ is our rage pubg hack which contains all these awesome features and we dont really recommend it to use this unless you have more playerunknown's battlegrounds accounts available for the expectations that might come. XYZ also contains pan deflect also called Invincible Helmet, which protects you from headshots at 100% rate all the time as long the feature is activated.  XYZ is also Including 2D Minimap radar where you can see all your enemy's in case you decide to play more legit and avoid using the risky features and decide to go for a more legit gameplay style.


If you need a very safe pubg cheat where you have no need for aimbot and you just want to know where the players are, then we recommend our private project Ray Hook. Only the users of can use our Ray Hook cheat. It has x-ray feature implemented which resembles the yellow chams from the past. There were no ban reports with Ray Hook so far because noone is able to leak our cheat. Also because Ray Hook does not has aimbot, it's impossible to get ban or be caught in banwave due to the simple fact that there is no unusual data which BE can collect, this is is all your gameplay style and our rival Battleye can not detect this. Use our private pubg hack buy right now and do not get dissapointed !


Nonetheless if you preffer a more of a premium cheat where you rarely have a chance to get banned but also you can see item wall hack, vehicles, airplane loot, death body loot and the best aimbot prediction among all pubg cheats then we recommend you to buy our Hera Weekly package. You can not go wrong with Hera as it has reliable stability, no downtimes and did you knew? it has the most beautiful ESP font and design as well. With the amazing auto-update incorporated, Hera never cease to fail the patches or thursday maintenances. We will always update or compensate the users in case of downtimes were to happend. Hera has a fairly small userbase which helps the cheat to stay out of Battleye radar, even though it has the aimbot feature added along with the rest of quirks and features. Just make sure you keep an eye on your kills and if you decide to use the Aimbot you should be aware that the max recommended kills per match on a new account is around 7 kills and 12 on older playerunknown accounts.


We have been active for over 1 year in PUBG Community so far and our team have released all kind of pubg cheats in the past, over 30 mods and cheating softwares if i were to say. However it was about time we code our own projects which provide more safety and stability over time because there is less userbase using our products. Forget the public detected cheats that get you banned everyday, only use our quality products and stay safe. We hate steam bans as much as you do however remember that cheating is at your own account risk. Avoid using cheats on your personal or main account with skins and always have 2 accounts prepared in case the storm will come. We currently sell XYZ, Ray Hook, Hera & Sugarbot so simply pick the right cheat you are looking for and remember that trials are possible only for Ray Hook and Hera.

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    • DanK

      Smert added flying car option. You can now fly with cars across the map at high speed   06/07/2018

      Smert added flying car option. You can now fly with cars across the map at high speed. Safe to use
    • DanK

      Hera Private Cheat has been released! Limited Slots   09/22/2018

      Hera has been released! Limited Slots/Userbase and Week/Month only. For purchasing this product. PM in Discord DanK#5399   Hera! The Ultimate Private PUBG Cheat...   OFFICIAL VIDEO:   Are you tired of getting banned on PUBG recently, say from detections or simply from using rage features? Well this will not happen with Hera.   Using unique Bypass and Injection and limiting the userbase, Hera is safe. This is our Unique product. Hera is available only at EXCLUSIVITY 100% !!! If you are a good returning customer (at least 3 months around our community), you can get a discount, pm DanK on discord.   Payment accepted over Discord DanK#5399 :   Pricing: 140 $ week or in EURO (which currency you preffer. We accept both)   Payment Processors we accept for Hera: - PayPal - BTC / ETH / other Crypto (Automatically via website or faster via PM) - Skrill     Features are enabled through hotkey only! F1 Player ESP 
      F2 Vehicle ESP
      F3 Item ESP
      F4 X-Ray (See chams through wall)   Item Filter set your hotkey   Ctrl+1 Armor ESP
      Ctrl+2 Weapon ESP
      Ctrl+3 Backpack ESP
      Ctrl+4 Heal ESP
      Ctrl+5 Attachment ESP
      Ctrl+6 Grenade ESP CapsLock For Switch AimBone: Neck to Spine  
    • DanK

      XYZ is back! Stable and safe! NEW PUBG CHEAT !   09/30/2018

      XYZ has come back! Did you missed XYZ after 2 months? The cheat is online since few days however we had to test it several days to make sure is safe for the users. So we decided to release it today in our store. XYZ older video:    You can buy XYZ here:   Download XYZ v01 loader here:   All features except magic bullet working and doesn't issue/give bans. The bullet tracking feature is safe to use (is easier to get ban with normal aimbot now days than bullet tracking as Bluehole is not focusing on bullet tracking anymore)   Buy 1 key access for 24 hours access to XYZ Rage. Make sure you contact DanK on discord / skype / forum or website chat if you have problem.   Old Official XYZ Video: PS: Magic bullet from the video don't exist anymore however bullet tracking is similar (except you can't hit thro the walls)   XYZ is the only cheat with safe bullet tracking in the market (The weird thing is. Bullet Tracking feature is now safer than Aimbot in cheats now days. If you do low kills with the bullet tracking you won't get banned)       Main XYZ Features: • Player ESP ( Includes Player Skeleton, Player Name, Player HP, Player Distance, Visibility Check where Color of ESP will change to red when you can hit the target and red when you can not hit the target). Item and Vehicle ESP included • Aimbot with raging features including 3 types of Bullet Tracking, Bullet, No Recoil and No Spread. The cheat does not have aimbot but bullet tracking does a much better job and is safer than aimbot now days as PUBG started doing heavy flags on any sort of aimbot movement. • Aimbot Bullet Tracking F8 = Hit any target within any distance instantly with 100% accuracy (In order to avoid ban make sure you spray bullets to the ground and set the aimbot to chest). There are 3 types of bullet tracking F8,F9 and F10, see which suits you better. • Instant Heal with medkits,bandages (it takes 0,1 seconds to heal) INSERT key • 2D Minimap Radar (Display all enemys locations on the radar) • Internal Cheat. Very smooth esp and extremely accurate bullet tracking (always hits the target), Works Full-Screen   Hotkeys: - F1 : Enemy ESP & Minimap ESP
      - F2 : Enemy Information
      - F3 : BOX ESP & Skeleton ESP
      - F4 : Item ESP
      #Ctrl+F1 display accessories, | Ctrl+F2 display guns | Ctrl+F3 display throws | Ctrl+F4 display medicines | Ctrl+F5 display armor | Ctrl+F6 display loot vox Ctrl + F7 Airdrop ESP
      - F5 : VehicleESP
      - F6 : No recoil
      - F7 : No bullet spread
      - F8 : Bullet Tracking(realistic trajectory, Best feature for Spectators)
      - F9 : Instant hit with Aim (one shot one kill within 1000m)
      - INS : Instant Heal (use in car without interruption)
      - Del Level 4 helmet (Frying pan will be placed on your head)
      - End : movement acceleration (It increases moving speed)
      - Ctrl+~ : Fight mode (disable all  Item & vehicle ESP instantly)
      - Hold CapsLock : Walk through the wall
      - Hold SHIFT : Aim on Head   Hints to avoid getting banned: 1.dont kill more than 3-5 if new pubg ID (Recommended to stay between 3-5 kills per match)
      2.dont kill more than 12 players on a old ID/Steam account
      3.dont get too many kills too frequently(30 seconds)
      4.try aim chest, dont shot head at all   XYZ Screenshoots
    • DanK

      Ray Hook New Pubg Hack released!   10/10/2018

      Ray Hook has been released (Unique Bypass and X-Ray feature implemented only for safety. No more rage, No more aimbot. Play legit! Stay Safe! Enough of cheats that give delayed bans !).   Ray Hook is now available in our stores:   Download Ray Hook loader here (Extremely easy to inject and works for all windows 10 pcs): (Available only for ray hook customers)    Ray Hook! WWW.PUBGCNHACKS.COM Personal Cheat. Liquid Alternative PS: I hope you don't ming the logo. I was bored!   OFFICIAL VIDEO: SOON   If you are tired of getting Banned every 1-2 days from random cheats then we got the right solution. Ray Hook has X-Ray feature implemented which helps you stay safe and BE wont be able to collect unusual data to detect the cheat anymore. Forget the aimbot cheats! Play Legit! Stay Safe!   Ray Hook is our personal project and using personal Bypass and the cheat will be limited to 100 userbase for safety.      Pricing: €16 24 Hours / €70 week   Payment Processors we accept for Ray Hook: - PayPal (Automatically via website) - BTC / ETH / other Crypto (Automatically via website or faster via PM) - Skrill (PM DanK)   Ray Hook Screenshoots:
    • DanK

      Megachams Cheapest and Safe Pubg cheat in the market has been released!   10/27/2018

      Megachams has been released in our store (At the Incredible price, 22$ week / 44$ month. You can kill people with shotgun from 300+ meters if you enable the magic bullet feature and 100% ultimate no-recoil, videos presentation for magic bullet and no-recoil are included in the link. Works for both windows 10 and windows 7).   Buy Megachams week/month from here:   Download Megachams loader from here:     Megachams Magic Bullet Demonstration [Click To Play on all 4 videos] : Megachams No Recoil Demonstration:    


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  1. Skywalker

    Version NEW


    How to run Skywalker: Open PUBG now! and if everything worked as intended, you will notice a small window on the left side of the screen and a welcome sound. Operate with the menu by using the F2 button to open/close it and using the directional arrows (Up,down) to move across the options and (left, right) to enable/disable those options. F1 will enable the fight mode, disabling the current ESP.
  2. Redline

    Version 13


    How to use Redline 1. Close Steam 2. Open Redline.exe 3. Enter the key that was issued to you after the purchase. 4. Press the "LOGIN" button. 5. Next, Redline will close and then launch Steam. 6. Launch the game and in the lobby press "f10" button. 7. The menu appears and you can easily start configure. 9. Enjoy!
  3. Voltex Loader

    Version NEW


    How to use Voltex: 1. Run Voltex as Administrator! 2. Insert your key 3. Click on the small button below which is "Load" 4. PUBG will run by it self (That's all) Few things to be mentioned: The Voltex loader delete it self, everytime you are opening it. I suggest you arhive the loader in the folder and extract it everytime it got deleted. If ESP dissapear by any chance. Simply Press PageUp/PageDown to refresh.
  4. Red Angel

    Version 1.0


    How to use Red Angel: 1. Run loader.exe as Administrator 2. Wait 5-10 seconds then click with the mouse (in case your desktop turns black) 3. Enter your key code and click the "Load" button 4. Wait 10 seconds then launch PUBG 5. Press INSERT to open the menu 6. Enjoy The loader currently has the old spoofer logo but will be changed today later. No time for it right now NOTICE: You need to run the game in "Windowed" or "Borderless" for the cheat to work.
  5. Asus

    Version NEW


    How to run Asus 1. Turn off Windows firewall. 2. Disable Windows Defender 3. Run Steam as admin. 4. Run Asus.exe as admin. 5. Press the Register button then register a new account. 6. Press the Login button and log in to the registered account. 7. Activate your key. 8. Press Inject button. 9. After setting up your build, loader will automataclly launch PUBG.
  6. Cerberus

    Version 2


    This is the loader of Cerberus with Auto-updater included! PS: You need to buy Cerberus from our store first before you are able to download this file. How to inject?: 1. Run the install me before u use cheat.exe 2. Run CERBERUS.exe as administrator, insert your key code and hit the Login button then launch PUBG from steam. Enjoy!
  7. King Loader

    Version 20


    Important Issues to Solve (Happends to very few people but if it happends for you, do this) If you are experiencing game crashes, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 Rename game files 1.TslGame_Security.dat Rename it to TslGame_Security_backup.dat 2.TslGame_Compatibility.dat (Duplicate this file) 3.Rename it to TslGame_Security.dat Still crashing? go to game files> Delete 3 .dat files > Verify integrity until you get all success> Rename game files and then try again. How to Run King: 1. Run loader as administrator 2. Enter key and login 3. Setup your custom config and press load once you're done (There is already a config saved for you. You can just customize from there) 4. After you click load, it will say Waiting for tslgame.exe (now you just go ahead and launch the game) 5. Launch PUBG and Enjoy! Warning (DO THIS BEFORE RUNNING KING in order to avoid initialization failed problem) 1. Unninstal Any sort of antivirus including the following softwares: ESEA,FACEIT,ORACLE VM,VIRTUAL BOX,DRIVER BOOSTER,PUNKBUSTERS 2. Disable windows defender + firewall (make sure they are disabled) 3. Disable Secureboot in bios (only if necessary or the 2 steps above didn't fix) Best King Aimbot settings:
  8. Randi

    Version 0531


    How to use Randi: 1. Open loader as Administrator 2. Enter key 3. Wait for loader dissapear 4. Launch pubg 5. Press F10 in-game lobby
  9. Aqua Loader

    Version 9


    IMPORTANT! BEFORE USE: Replace this this new Tslgame.exe + all files inside over steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\ (copy-paste it over the current Tslgame.exe folder and retry). Aqua will work! How to use Aqua Loader: 0) Put aqua.exe in C or D:/FOLDER/ 1) Run cheat/aqua.exe as Administrator 2) Wait the loader to update until 44-45mb is complete 3) Click on run soft and the loader will dissappear. 4) Launch PUBG 5) Wait Tslgame.exe console in game and just minimize it after (DON'T CLOSE IT) 6) When the console appears click play New instructions: 1.Move the cheat file to a flash device physical or the virtual USB device (OSFMount) 2 . Run the cheat and wait for message and (remove device). Remove the USB device 3. Press the run soft and wait for complete 4. Run the steam, run game wait (console) BOTH WIN 10 AND WIN 7 LOADERS ARE INCLUDED!
  10. Sunlite Loader

    Version NEW


    How to use Sunlite Loader in 3 quick steps: 1. Run loader as an administrator and put key 2. Select your PUBG installation folder and choose TSIgame.exe files 3. Then the remaining time will be shown. Now launch PUBG 4. Win Win?
  11. LORAY SHARPSHOOTER The affordable pubg cheat you have been waiting for. The best price on the market with reliable developers team and stability/safety guarantee. Video: Soon (Check the pictures below though. Also free trial for testing the cheat before purchasing are available). Loray Sharpshooter Features: - Simple Aimbot. Press and hold the SHIFT button in order to try giving headshots. The same goes for magic bullet feature. - Magic Bullet (Kill people through the walls from any distance with any weapon, a feature with no mercy) - No Recoil (Hold the bullet still, the bullets won't spread and will have a perfect accuracy on your unmovable crosshair, the crosshair will stay fixed and won't shake at all) - Full Player 2D Box + Skeleton (choose the one you want at your choice) - Full Item ESP including Player Deathloot box, Player Names, Distance, Health Bar and configurable ON/OFF options where you can turn off or on. Whatever item esp you believe is necessary for to use including adjusting the distance of your enemy esp and yes, we didn't forget, car esp is also included.
  12. Loray - The cheapest pubg hack

    Fixed again
  13. Loray - The cheapest pubg hack

    Hot keys are configurable now. Working
  14. Hera [Private Cheat]

    Hera not working atm There is cheats available only what you see at store.
  15. Hera [Private Cheat]

    Hera! The Ultimate Private PUBG Cheat... OFFICIAL VIDEO: Are you tired of getting banned on PUBG recently, say from detections or simply from using rage features? Well this will not happen with Hera. Using unique Bypass and Injection and limiting the userbase, Hera is safe. This is our Unique product. Hera is available only at EXCLUSIVITY 100% !!! If you are a good returning customer (at least 3 months around our community), you can get a discount, pm DanK on discord. Payment accepted over Discord DanK#5399 : Pricing: 140 $ week / 280$ month or in EURO (which currency you preffer. We accept both) Payment Processors we accept for Hera: - PayPal - BTC / ETH / other Crypto (Automatically via website or faster via PM) - Skrill Features are enabled through hotkey only! F1 Player ESP F2 Vehicle ESP F3 Item ESP F4 X-Ray (See chams through wall) Item Filter set your hotkey Ctrl+1 Armor ESP Ctrl+2 Weapon ESP Ctrl+3 Backpack ESP Ctrl+4 Heal ESP Ctrl+5 Attachment ESP Ctrl+6 Grenade ESP CapsLock For Switch AimBone: Neck to Spine
  16. Pubg mobile

    just pm me on discord DanK#5399
  17. Pubg mobile

    PM me on discord We will make official page for that soon.
  18. Best cheat provider

  19. Hack Time

    The time you activate the key .Time goes whether you play or not afterwards,
  20. Loray Loader

    Version NEW


    This is the loader of Loray. We will update the new loaders here and you can redownload after we announce the new loader PS: You need to buy Loray from our store first before you are able to download this file. HOW TO USE? 1. You won't believe, it's very easy! 2. Run Loray.exe as administrator and enter the key code you have purchsed. login waiting succeded then launch PUBG. Thadaam! Any questions,issues, pm DanK
  21. Hera [Private Cheat]

    you have to pm me on discord
  22. Megachams

    Version NEW


    This is the loader of Megachams. Auto-updater included! PS: You need to buy Megachams from our store first before you are able to download this file. How to inject?: 1- Please make sure you are uninstalling all your antivirus softwares including (Malwarebyte,Mcafee,Norton,AVG and many more. Also you must have ESEA/FACEIT unninstaled as well since they might block the cheat from injecting). Don't forget to deactivate windows defender and firewall as well! 2- Run Megachams.exe as Administrator (Right click, Run as administrator) 3- Past the key coude you have purchased from our store in the window popup ( ) 4- After You get the activation menu ( don't select any option for the first time ) Just run the game first so the cheat will patch the game,at this step game was auto close. () 5- After run PUBG game once again and Now look at the menu. Select any option you want (Extreme Model 3 includes the Magic Bullet, use at your own risk) 6- Now Click at Launch button after getting confirmation, Run the game! 7- After you finish playing PUBG, close the game then look the cheat menu click at Safe Exit button button! in order to stay Safe! ENJOY!!!
  23. Megachams

    Megachams Mod You can kill people thro wall from any distance (1 bullet of Shotgun from 300+ meters example). Oh yea you can really do it! watch the video below Prices: $22 USD 1 week / $44 USD 1 month This is a budget cheat. That doesn't mean is bad or give bans. Megachams has been safe for quite a while and works on all Windows 10 Computers. Megachams Magic Bullet Demonstration [Click To Play on all 4 videos] : What is Megachams? Megachams is a mod pak (similar to the pak we sold in the past. This cheat does not have aimbot or normal ESP like other cheats. However big improvement has been done and now with this pak, you can see enemy hiding by enabling the "ESP Feature" which flickers the texture constantly. Magic bullet is also a new feature that has been implemented. The funny thing is, you won't get banned unless you abuse/rage with the feature. However we still categorize Magic Bullet as risky feature so use only on cheap cracked pubg accounts. Megachams is The only Safe Pak Mod which offers constantly updated features & safe for over 30+ days not to mention the new flickering feature which shows where all enemy hide, similar to the ESP. Our Megachams can be compatible with all our other cheats. The Readme.txt will be found inside the folder (Please read it so you can understand how to setup the cheat, is very easy actually, this is nobrainer). Once you subscribe, you will receive access to the Megachams Mod for the time purchased under Store --> Manage Purchases, Manage . You can activate it "whenever" you want (We suggest you activate the key within a week). Megachams Pak Mod Features: - Humanized No Recoil / Streamer No Recoil [its really invisible to spectators, while providing almost 0 recoil ingame so you can fool anyone] - Super No Recoil (Somewhat around 70% less recoil) - Ultimate No Recoil (100% No-Recoil) - Discolour or Chams (Color Players and Armor will be changed to red/yellow/cyan etc for much better visibility. ) - Sound optimization (only hear footsteps etc., no background noise) - Magic Bullet (Can kill any target from 300+ meters with any weapon, the bullet reach the target instantly and kill him). Enable this feature at your own risk - Deathbox (Color Deathboxes) - Nightmode (The clear sky will turn into night) - Mosaic floor (draw the floor flat and nice and white) - Remove Roof, Trees, Bushes, Water - Full map mosaic (draw everything, car houses.. mosaic) - Snowmap (draws everything nice and clean, check the picture under) - Rainmap (The clear sky will start raining) 10 Shots sprayed with AKM on 100% Ultimate NoRecoil: