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Cheat Status GGoS: Undetected / Safe to use / Not Working!
Cheat Status Ghost: Undetected / No longer for sale!
Cheat Status Thermal: Undetected / Safe to use / Online & Working!
Cheat Status Diane: Undetected / Stopped Project
Discord for Support: Dank#4983
Warning: If you used other apex legend cheats. Please remove them from your computer & use CCLEANER to avoid any unnecessary ban.
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  5. Review

    says Smac Failed so idk what to do?
  6. GGoS

    Version 49


    How to use GGoS Loader: 0) Set time to Beijing +8 and unninstal any sort of antivirus you have in order to avoid SMAC connection to server failed error! (Most Important) 1) Make sure you put the file either in C:/folder or D:/folder 2) Run ggos.exe as administrator 3) Paste the key code and click Login. The loader will dissappear 4) Launch the game and menu will apper. 5) Enjoy!
  7. Review

    After using it for about 12 hours ill make a serious review.Aimbot 8/10ill give the aimbot this score since it is good believe me but it locks onto random people sometimes in close combats which really ruins the game sometimes but other than that it works fine, Also the prediction isn't that good.ESP/ VISUALS 9/10I mean it is good although i would've wished the item esp would show more weapons like legendary and purple weapons. And the esp sometimes is off the enemy which is kinda annoying but it works! summary : The cheat is good but got some things it could upgrade, ill recommend you to try it! and the undetection rate is good as well!Might just be my playstyle that fucks up the aimbot keep that in mind!
  8. Cant get any better than this SAFE TO USE APEX SKILL. Its amazing in every way. Could use a better ESP for players BUT IM NOT COMPLAINING !! 10/10 will use again
  9. Ghost

    Version 1.21


    This is the loader for Ghost
  10. Thermal

    Version 1.0


    Thermal Instructions: - Start the loader, it will ask for your license key - Enter your key - If your key was valid the loader will tell you how much time it added - Start the loader again, the cheat will load up - If loaded successfully you can run the game and enjoy your wallhack Troubleshooting: - Disable/Uninstall Antivirus - Uninstall any league anticheats (ESEA, FACE-IT) - Restart your PC by pressing the restart button on windows
  11. Review and Vouch

    Read in browse / downloads But wait for the cheat to update first.
  12. Review and Vouch

    How can I set it up? I can't read it I only speak english/spanish
  13. Diane

    Version 32


    How to use Diane quick steps: 1. Paste the key code in the gray field (You can find the key code at Store / Manage Purchases / Manage or if you have bought via rocketr.net page then check your email) 2. Click on big red button LOGIN and then click on the big orange button (It will show you time left). 3. Simply launch the game now from Origins and make sure you close the overlay. 4. Make sure your game is either Window mode or Borderless so the Menu and ESP will show. 5. Press home to open the menu In-game lobby. 6. Enjoy! How to use our Hwid spoofer (add images/tutorial in 1 hour): FAQ Q: What is a HWID Spoofer A: Hwid Spoofer changes your HWID just like VPN which changes your IP address Q: Do i have to use HWID Spoofer? A: It is to protect you from HWID Ban Q: Should i use before or after? A: Launch the HWID Spoofer before cheating so that when you receive a HWID ban , it will be onto the changed HWID , meaning your original HWID won't be affected Little Warning before using: We update the loader manually everytime there is an update so make sure to check this page again everytime we roll an update or announce on the website! You must delete every single cheat you have in computer because EAC flags the applications once they get detected. How to bypass ban: 1. Reset Computer! 2. Restart router (change ip or use VPN)! 3. New account registration (just make new account, is free)! 4. Don't use cheat just yet. Use the new account to train and play 1 game! 5. Use cheat in second game!
  14. How to buy: 1. Register an account to our website in order to be able to access our shop and the community. 2. After you have succesfully registered, click on the Store tab. 3. Now you can attempt to purchase one of our products, by adding it on cart 4. Now all you have to do is fill all the details. You only have to do this once and your credentials will remain saved and be able to purchase our products without filling any additional information's. 5. Click Place and Order and select your payment method (Which is Paypal by default or you can use Coinpayments in order to pay automatically via Bitcoin. Just need 3 confirmations) in order to finalize the payment and get the key to your account. 6. After purchase, click on Store / Manage Purchases / Manage to get your Key instantly ( No need to wait for email delivery anymore. Your payment will deliver the key to your account instantly ). 7. Go to Browse / Downloads if you wish to download the latest Apex Legends loaders (Do not use the old loaders)! How to contact: For any question/problem you can add me Skype (below) or enter our website online chat (in case you can't access discord) and pm DanK. Send friend request to DanK#2899 for support.
  15. Insomnia Loader

    Version NEW


    How to use Insomnia Loader: 0) Put Insomnia.exe in C or D:/FOLDER/ 1) Run cheat/insomnia.exe as Administrator 2) Select Apex Legends and paste your key code in the column field. Click again on Apex Legends for refresh and then a button "Launch Cheat" will appear. Click on it 3) Start game via Origins 4) After game loads. Wait 10-15 seconds then press HOME so the menu will come up. 5) ENJOY Make sure you close the Origins & Nvidia overlay to make sure the game is not crashing after injection Also follow these important steps: - Unninstal antivirus and any sort of antivirus you have installed on your PC (Yes unninstal it not disable it) - Download http://www.site2unblock.com/download/win-updates-disabler-setup.exe to disable Windows Defender & Firewall permanently. - Unninstal any software such as ESEA, FACEIT, ORACLEVM, VIRTUAL BOX, DRIVER BOOSTER (and i mean all of them as they can stop the cheat from injecting)
  16. Review and Vouch

    Apex will be my new home for hacks As a pubg owner and played over 6k hours in the game apex with this new cheat is insane i was fortunate enough to test this out for my boy @DanK From what i could see the Aimbot was Next to none one of the best i had used , the esp was fanominal and non lagging which is great as you dont see this in many esp hacks or aimbot , Raging is great but its still managble in this game to get 10-15 kills ez Was worth the money well spent how i rate this is below Aimbot 9/10 ESP 10/10 Easy to use 10/10 Extra 9/10 Cheers to @DanK and the hard work he pays off keeping us all hacking and happy free
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