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Cheat Status Sugarbot: Undetected / Safe to use / Online!
Cheat Status GGoS: Undetected / Safe to use / Stopped!
Cheat Status Ghost: Undetected / No longer for sale!
Cheat Status Thermal: Detected / Safe to use / Stopped!
Cheat Status Diane: Undetected / Stopped Project
Discord for Support: Dank#8548
Warning: If you used other apex legend cheats. Please remove them from your computer & use CCLEANER to avoid any unnecessary ban.
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    • DanK

      Purchase Apex Legend Cheats Here   02/18/2019

      https://rocketr.net/sellers/dank1990#group_4495 Buy via this link if you get Payment Process Error (Please try again) on website.

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    How to run: 1. Turn off Windows firewall. 2. Disable Windows Defender (click here to check tutorial). 3. Run Steam/Origin as admin. 4. Run loader as admin. 5. Press the Register button then register a new account. 6. Press the Login button and log in to the registered account. 7. Active your key. 8. Press Inject button. 9. After setting up your build, loader will remind you "Now please launch APEX in 30 seconds". 10. Launch APEX.
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