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Welcome to the official page for Apex Legends Cheats. Dank is the person who will guide you through on how to buy Apex Legends Hacks and help you with setting up the program if any issue or problem were to arise.

You can buy our Apex Legends Hack from our store by clicking on Store or the Buy Now button on the page. If you want support then install Discord and send a friend request to Dank#4983 then wait for me to accept your contact request.

We sell Day, Week and Month Keys so before deciding on upgrading your subscription, feel free to get your hands on a 24 hours code first in order to test and familiarize your self with our program. We have been selling pubg cheats for nearly 2 years so you can count on us and our experience for any cheat issues you will face, we will be there for you and make sure you are not disappointed with the experience.

Responsability of Cheating

Be sure to accept the responsibility of cheating, as getting banned is pretty easy once you go down this route and trying to have some fun. For that kind of case we are working on a HWID Spoofer to prevent getting permanently banned on Apex Legends and remove the flag/hwid ban, also the good part about the game is the simple fact that is free so you won't have to buy new Apex Legends accounts the moment you get banned, unlike PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

About our new Apex Legends Hacks Ghost

If you want a delightful experience with our Apex Legends Hacks then we have Ghost deployed for you. It has been safe with no bans on record so far and just a while ago we coded and added super new cool features such as Speed Hack and Bullet Tracking. The Speed feature will make your character run/walk up to 3x time faster by using your PageUp and PageDown keys. The Bullet Tracking alone will do all the killings and it will work with aimbot off as well. The BT Feature will lock on your enemy and all bullets will go and damage/kill him regardless of where you aim, after all it has 100% accuracy. This is Ghost specialty, the rage functions will help you win every single match, overall it has the strongest aim among Apex Legends Cheats.

It's really fun to cheat in Apex Legends. Stay Sharp since you are not the only one!

Cheating in Apex Legends will preoccupy your time since it's addicting and you will have that cheesy smirk on your face all day long when you get the chance to kill other Apex Legends Hackers or normal players. Our Apex Legends Cheat is currently still in Beta stage while testing and waiting for customers feedback and replies so we can fix all known and common issues ,bugs and other minority's that might affect your gameplay while using our cheat. We make sure that everything will be perfect so your time with us will be satisfacatory and you can enjoy a smooth Apex Legends ESP & Customizable Aimbot where you can change FOV and Radius including the aim speed at your choice.

Breaking News: This feels a bit shocking but it seems like certain providers are selling the so called HWID spoofers for EAC Anticheat. That's all good and nice until you realize that Apex Legends is not hwid banning your computer for cheating at this moment, so what can we conclude from that? Exactly! these sellers are ripping people off selling non-working hwid spoofer in order to scare the people into buying and changing the HWID serial before using any kind of Apex Legends Hack .It's not in our interest to mind our nose where it doesn't belong however I personally believe. It's better to tell you about these pranksters, to avoid them if needed, unless you really need that software but for another game which uses this anticheat engine.

How did Apex Legends progress in 2 weeks since release ?

After 2 weeks since release, Apex Legends has pretty much failed in keeping the players at bay due to lack of excitment and being overly repetitive. It's compromised of a small map which is too puny and forces you to revisit the same spawn locations over and over again during a hour of gameplay. Apex Legends lack the progression system and you have nothing to grind for except for the satisfaction of winning and simply enjoying the game without any expectation of reward, therefore if you are a fan of CS GO and other simialr shooters, then this game is for you. But that's how Battle Royale is meant to be, nothing wrong with the game and during the matchmaking you will get to face newbie's or pro's or cheaters, it's all random shuffle. Because there are many cheaters on board already, it makes the game pretty cringe so you might need our Apex Legends Hack to support you in winning matches and blast other cheaters fun for being so abusive, teach them a free lesson.

The origins of Apex Legends and more informations about it!

After only one week since release, the creators and developers of the most popular Battle royale Fortnite are worrying about the fast pace at which Apex Legends goes through. The community and online players are quickly increasing erratically at unforeseen numbers. If you were a fortnite player recently and you were thinking about how this game will never suffer or decline in population, well you were wrong as the new game Apex legends is now the main subject of recent speculations. Nobody knew Apex Legends going to have such marginal success over such a short period of time until the publication of it's first trailer. The Respawn Entertainment invented this game with the same team of developers which were responsible for the release of Titanfall game. Apex Legends is a free to play game, currently being published by EA Games and can be bought not only for PC/Computer where you need to download and install Origin in order to install the game but also other consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The publisher is spending a vast amount of money in promoting this game and soon it will be a worth rival against Fortnite which currently have a total of 200 million players.

How fast-paced Apex Legends game turned out to be in terms of online players?

The statistics of new Apex Legends game are quite astonishing and as we speak, the game is being flooded already with over 25 million players. You don't have to be an expert to realize that Apex Legends is already threatening the Domination Title of Battle Royale games. Over the span of few days only the game has statistically jump from 10 million players to 25 million, a proof which shows that the game quickly raises in top trends and doesn't seem to slow-down a bit. On the other hands, the additional content which is being promoted in Apex Legends it's gonna surprise you with some goodies about Valentine's Day. The first season is going to be opened in March and Batte Pass is going to be available at a certain cost of course but one thing remains certain, most of the game will remain free to play and it will not turn into a pay2win game, probably some cosmetics are going to be released every few updates. New Characters, weapons, loot, and Battle Pass are going to be introduced at the beginning of The First season of Apex Legends. It's not yet confirmed but Apex Legends could release the follow multiplayer game modes such as Solo, Duos and ranked play but that in the very near future. The 48 most popular twitch streamers including Shroud are promoting Apex Legends and competing against each other for a big 200 thousand dollars reward in 2 events between 12th and 19th February.
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